Our Support Team

Rosa Tealer, Administrator
Rosa Tealer, Administrator
Rosa Tealer serves as the administrator at Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio. Her 12 years with NASA includes assisting to establish one of the best practices in San Antonio and the region. Rosa is responsible for operational financial activity, including budgeting, financial analysis, and strategic planning and physician compensation. She also oversees internal financial and operational reporting to support clinical and financial operations.

Prior to her appointment as Administrator, Rosa career started as an LVN for 8 years and later had a leadership and management position with AMR ambulance services and Florida Hospital EMS covering 5 states for 13 years. Rosa focused on strategic planning and development, financial and operational benchmarking, performance improvement, and information technology implementation to optimize the relationship between AMR and Florida Hospitals.



Carmen Espinoza
Carmen Espinoza, HR Director and Accounts Payable
As the director of Human Resources and Accounts Payable for Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio, Carmen has been with this practice for the past 36 years. Carmen is responsible for directing and managing the day-to-day operations, activities and functions related to both departments.



Adrienne Hernandez
Adrienne Hernandez, IT/Clinical Manager
Mrs. Hernandez leads providers and staff in using the most appropriate clinical IT systems and technology in the delivery of care.  First and foremost her approach of helping patients and our support staff as much as possible with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or the practice’s website provides the necessary information prior to a clinic visit or surgery.



Vanessa S. Cooper, Business Manager
As supervisor of the Business Office, Vanessa creates and implements all billing policies and oversees the operations of the billing staff. The Business Office handles all of the accounts receivable and ensures that providers are reimbursed appropriately for all services rendered. The Business Manager is responsible for negotiating and managing all of the practice’s insurance contracts. Vanessa also communicates contract requirements and updates to all staff and assists administration in implementing the required changes to the practice. Vanessa and the Business Office work daily to ensure appropriate billing and reimbursement compliance so that our physicians may focus on patient care.



Emily Kaminski
Emily Crim, Clinical Coordinator
Ms. Kaminski coordinates the clinical functions to insure the appropriate clinicians and professionals attend to the required care for the patient. From the first office visit to post-operative directions she insures the Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio are providing the resources.



Eva Lovelady
Eva Lovelady, Supervisor, Surgery Department
Mrs. Lovelady oversees with precision the multiple operative venues the surgeons of Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio perform at in the South Texas Medical Center, Stone Oak, and other locations.




Liz Reina
Liz Reina, Supervisor, Transcription Department
Generating accurate patient medical reports in a timely manner is the responsibility of Ms. Reina. She manages and sets the tone for the department, establishing standards for quality of work and production to provide staff or ancillary providers with the best possible quality transcription.




All staff can be reached at the main office:
4410 Medical Drive, Suite 610
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Phone: (210) 614-2453
Fax: (210) 614-2462